(Not all pictures below are from owners – some are just to show you the make and model they have purchased)

“It went well, Thank you.”

-Vidyasagar, Wisconsin, September 2017

FastBuy Testimonial

Car buying can be a very exhausting experience! Especially when you have limited time between work and dealers that have mastered the art of negotiation. A friend of mine suggested FastBuy Inc. That was the best advice and I’m glad I took it. Mahesh managed to save me thousands of dollars on my new car purchase!  He was also very responsive to any inquiries I had during the whole process! I highly suggest you go with FastBuy Inc! You will save time and money!

-Simmy, NJ, March 2017

FastBuy testimonial BMW

“I highly recommend Mahesh and FastBuy Inc. I recently contacted him to help me transition out of an existing lease, to a BMW  and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. His communication was prompt and frequent, and he really had my best interest at heart. I know that I not only saved money thanks to him, but I saved an incredible amount of time and frustration. I will absolutely return when ready for my next vehicle. Thanks Mahesh and FastBuy Inc!”

-Ed, New Jersey, March 2017

FastBuy Audi testimonial

“Good morning, All has been great.  Really liking it.  A few pictures attached from the delivery of the car.  They even put a bow on it!   lol.” – Will M. Dublin, OH, Mar 2017

FastBuy Honda testimonial

“Thank you for making one of life’s most tedious, frustating and intimidating tasks, buying a new car, much easier. I got a great deal, with a minimum amount of fuss–no haggling with the endless parade of dealership managers. Many thanks!” – Nanette, CA, Feb 2017

FastBuy Honda Accord testimonial

“If you are looking to buy/lease a new car, fastbuy is the best option that you can get. Mahesh will work very hard for you, so that you get your desired car, for the best price in the market. I was skeptical about using this service for the first time, but after my research he got me the best price for my Honda Accord. I Definitely recommend everyone to use this service.” – Vraj, NJ Dec 27 2016

FastBuy RangeRover testimonial

“I worked with Mahesh and he was extremely helpful in connecting me with the right dealer to find my dream car in my budget. Mahesh was extremely responsive to all emails and worked with me for a couple of weeks constantly finding better options for me. I would definitely recommend utilizing this service!”

– Katie, CT, Dec 24 2016

FastBuy Audi Q5 testimonial

“I thoroughly enjoyed my car leasing experience with FastBuy Inc.  Mahesh made my life so much easier.  I didn’t have to take time off from work.  He secured the deal, and I just had to go to the dealership, sign papers, pay my first month, and drive home.  This was a priceless experience.”

– Kim, Gainesville, VA, Dec 1 2016

FastBuy 328ixdrive testimonial

“FastBuy is the best car buying site I came across. Since it negotiates for a group of buyers as Groupon, you can get some good deals. I got my BMW 328IX Drive for a great price. Couldn’t be happier. I recommend this service to anyone looking to buy or lease a new car.” – Susan Lee, Watchung, Oct 10 2016

fastbuy honda accord testimonial

“FastBuy got us a very good deal. Truecar quoted a price of $24,100 for 2017 Honda Accord and using FastBuy we got it for $23,000 OTD (out the door price, including taxes and registration). We are very happy with the service. We were initially skeptical since its a new service. But they do work hard for you. You only pay them if you end up buying or leasing the car.” – John Edwards, Somerville, Sep 2 2016

FastBuy Ford Focus testimonial

“FastBuy seems like a new way of buying or leasing cars. Me and my husband Steve went to more than 5 dealers to get a good price on a 2016 Ford Focus. We also got a price on Truecar. After finding FastBuy online, we thought there is nothing to loose since FastBuy will only charge you if you end up buying a car. We could not be more happy with the service. We saved more than $3000 on the car” – Betty Smith, Parsipanny, Sep 12 2016

FastBuy Audi A4 testimonial

“I have to say we were not sure about using FastBuy initially. We gave it a shot. They saved us more than $4000 in buying a 2017 Audi A4. I recommend this service to anyone looking to buy or lease.” – Chris Hansen, New York, Sep 16 2016

FastBuy Porsche Cayman testimonial

“We hate going to car dealers. The pushy salesmen will sell you anything. We tried Truecar. The problem was when we went to the dealers, the price was way off than what Truecar gave due to all the extras the dealer added. FastBuy saved us the day. We saved more than $4500 on a 2017 Porsche Cayman. I recommend this to anyone looking to buy a car.” – Joe Baldino, Old Bridge, Aug 28 2016

FastBuy BMW 328i testimonial

“I was looking to buy a 2016 BMW 328I X Drive. FastBuy got us more than $2000 less than Truecar’s lowest quote. You do the math.” – Santhosh Kumar, Edison, Aug 25 2016


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