What to watch out for in lease deals?

Searching for leasing deals? Things to watch out for.

The catch
1. Advertised lease deals are not always the final number you pay monthly.
2. Watch out for the fine print which includes the MSRP of the advertised model which is usually a base model. Base models are usually bare bones and most of the times, this is not what you want in a car.
3. Taxes are not included in the monthly advertised and it varies depending on your state and county you live in.
4. Title and registration along with dealer fees is usually not included on the monthly advertised. Dealer fees can range in 100’s of dollars.
5. The down payment is adjusted according to the monthly advertised. As an example, a $199 monthly lease sounds very promising but wait until you see the down payment needed. Do not be fooled by these common tactics!
6. When searching for lease deals online, understand that the monthly advertised is designed to attract more customers. By knowing which fees is not included, you will be in a better position to understand the final numbers on your lease.
As an example, Acura RDX 6 speed automatic lease is advertised as $309 per month for 36 months.

What is the catch?

1. $3,499 is due at signing.
2. It is a base model.
3. Taxes will be say 7% in NJ.
4. Tile, registration and dealer fees can be in $1000 to $1500 range.
5. If you add them all, you are looking at approximately $480 per month for the lease. As you can see there is close to $170 monthly difference between the advertised monthly and the actual monthly.

We at FastBuy can help you get zero down leases which includes taxes and all fees. Search for lease deals here and get started.


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