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You may ask why pay a company like us to get a good deal on lease or purchase of a car? It is because companies like Truecar, KBB, Edmunds, Carsdirect, etc get paid by dealers and hence represent their interests. We represent you! We save you thousands of dollars after paying our fees.

We do all the research and negotiate the price and terms for you. Our clients have saved an average of over $3000 per car. Our pricing is very simple which is the first month payment of your lease or buy. You will have only 36 payments (or 60 payments for buy) including our fees and $0 due at signing. We roll this into your car lease and purchase. As an example, say you leased a car for $399 a month. You will pay us $399 when you sign the lease (you won’t pay anything to the car manufacturer finance company when you take delivery of the car) and then pay only 35 payments starting the following month to the car manufacturer finance. So in effect you are paying your regular 36 payments for 3 years of lease (our fees included). It works similarly for a new car purchase.


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