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We get deep discounted prices on new car lease or purchase
“I highly recommend Mahesh and FastBuy Inc. I recently contacted him to help me transition out of an existing lease, to a BMW  and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. His communication was prompt and frequent, and he really had my best interest at heart. I know that I not only saved money thanks to him, but I saved an incredible amount of time and frustration. I will absolutely return when ready for my next vehicle. Thanks Mahesh and FastBuy Inc!”

-Ed, New Jersey, March 2017

3 simple steps:

1. Contact us
Contact us using this link giving us all the details of your car purchase or lease.
2. Get quote
We will contact you via email and get any additional info. We then work with your local dealers (as many as 10 dealers) to get group buying discount similar to Groupon as we combine all other buyers in your area looking to buy or lease the same make of the car for a given month and send you the offers via email.
3. Get the car
You can take that email confirmation to the dealer to buy or lease your car. We save you thousands of dollars and our fee is your first month payment of your car lease or purchase. Looking at pricing page on why you should pay us to get a great deal. As an example, say you leased a car for $399 a month. You will pay us $399 when you sign the lease (you won’t pay anything to the leasing company when you take delivery of the car) and then pay only 35 months of payments to the lease company. So in effect you are paying your regular 36 payments for 3 years of lease.

See below why we are better than other ways of buying or leasing a car:

Make (2017)MSRPTruecarEdmundsCustomer negotiated priceFastBuy negotiated priceGet Started
Buick Verano$21,065$20,000$20,500$19,750$19,000Get started now
Acura ILX$27,990$26,000$26,250$25,600$25,000Get started now
Infiniti Q50 2.0t$45,205$43,900$44,000$43,500$42,500Get started now
Audi A4$37,850$35,750$37,600$35,000$34,000Get started now

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