1. Why FastBuy?

A) FastBuy is the Groupon for cars. We get the best deal (lease or purchase) by negotiating on price with the dealers so you don’t have to. We do this by grouping all buyers of a particular make for a given month in a given county or state similar to Groupon. This allows us get best discounts more than Truecar, Edmunds, KBB and other car buying sites.

See below why we are better than any other car buying site:

Make (2017)MSRPTruecarEdmundsCustomer negotiated priceFastBuy negotiated priceGet Started
Buick Verano$21,065$20,000$20,500$19,750$19,000 Get started now
Acura ILX$27,990$26,000$26,250$25,600$25,000 Get started now
Infiniti Q50 2.0t$45,205$43,900$44,000$43,500$42,500 Get started now
Audi A4$37,850$35,750$37,600$35,000$34,000 Get started now

2. How does it work?

A) Once you contact us using this contact form, we will contact with any follow up questions. We then get group deals from your local dealers and send you the numbers. If you end up buying or leasing the car, you will mail a check to us for the service fee. See here for pricing. Since we are paid by you, we work for you and are able to get better deals than Truecar, Edmunds, KBB, and others. These car buying sites get paid by dealers and hence provide you less savings!

3. Will you charge a service fee if I don’t buy the car?

A) We only charge you when you complete the transaction. See our service fees here. Since we save thousands more, the service fee is pennies when compared to the savings we get you.

4. Why should I trust your company vs Edmunds, Truecar, KBB and others?

A) We work for you. Truecar, Edmunds, KBB and others get paid by the dealers. You pay us a fees in return for true deals. Everyone can claim they offer best deals. The devil is in the details – how much you end up paying when you drive off the dealer lot is what that matters!

5. How long have you been around?

A) We are a new company. We have been in existence since last 1 year. But our founder, Mahesh Varavooru has successfully run 2 other companies in the past for more than 10 years. A solar energy installation firm, a mentoring management software firm and has more than 16 years of experience in technology working for Citigroup, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley.

6. Do you have a money back guaranteed service?

A) If you don’t like the service, you can request your money back. We are confident you will be happy with our service!

7. Can you provide references from your past customers?

A) Sure. Send us an email to support@fastbuyinc.com and we will send them to you. Also check our testimonials link on the top.


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