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FastBuy is the smart way for car buying and leasing!

  1. We save you an average of $3000 per car (buy or lease) by negotiating with 10+ dealers using group car buying concept similar to Groupon. We save you more than USAA, Costco, AAA, Truecar, Credit Unions and other sites.

  2. Get a Truecar, Edmunds, credit union, or any other car buying service price and we will beat it! If you don’t like haggling and want to avoid the pushy salesman, we are the service for you!

  3. We make car buying or leasing process less painful. Our goal is to get the best price possible by working with your local dealers. We work for our clients in NJ, NY, CT, CA, PA, MA, RI, VT, VA, ME, NH, TX and all other states.

  4. With our pricing, there are no surprises when you go to a dealer!

Get started with lease deals

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Get started with lease deals

5 things to know before a purchase or lease:

  1. Truecar, USAA and other car buying sites are more dealer centric. They make money from the dealers and hence more dealer friendly. It is like sellers agent vs buyers agent when buying a home. You want to have a buyers agent (like us) not a sellers agent (like Truecar, Carmax, etc). People are finding that these car sites are not giving the best deals after all.
  2. Truecar, USAA and other sites claim they will get you the best price. But you can get better deals than what they offer. Don’t take our word for that. Take a Truecar, Carmax or any other site price for a car and go to another dealer and see if they can offer you better price. They only work with a smaller set of dealers. We work with all dealers in your area.
  3. We get you the OTD (out the door price) which includes taxes, license and registration. This is the money you pay to get the car out the door. Truecar and other sites won’t stop dealers selling you other warranties and extras! Their certificates may not be honored by all dealers.
  4. Negotiating with car salesmen is time consuming and unpleasant to say the least. We handle this part for you apart from doing the research for the right car for you. We get prices from 10+ dealers (within and outside our dealer network) to negotiate the best price. You will pay us a small fraction of savings we get you only if you complete the transaction.
  5. On average we have saved our clients more than $3000 per car. We work for our clients in NJ, NY, CT, CA, TX and all other states in US.

Get started with lease deals


3 easy steps:

  1. You contact us using below ‘Save money’ button giving us all the details of your car purchase or lease.
  2. We will contact you via email (or phone if you like) and get any additional info. We then work with your local dealers (as many as 10 dealers) to get you the best price on the car and send you the offers via email. If you have a Truecar certificate already, send it to us and we will beat that price.
  3. You can take that email confirmation to the dealer to buy or lease your car.

Get started with lease deals


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